Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Mom & Daddy a/k/a Mee Mee & Pappy

Say hello to Mee Mee and Pappy - as we all call them. This is my Mother and Daddy I love them both so much. Yesterday they came by for a haircut and visit! We LOVE having them over and are so thankful to have them in our lives. Now that they are "Pickeneese" they live a few more miles down the road, so it seems that we don't see them as much. They hang out a lot at various doctors' offices throughout the week trying to get things straightened out with Pappy's heart and now hips. He suddenly began having super sharp pains deep in his hips on Tuesday night and was rolling around in the floor in pain. It has to be bad for him to be on the floor. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of the situation and find out what is causing all of this. I am sure it will take them playing "doctor tag" to a few of the professionals for who knows how long. I hate to see my daddy hurting. He tried to put on a brave face for us last night, but admitted to having some really bad pain. Mee Mee is the super wife by his side making sure that everything is done RIGHT. We are so thankful for her! They better not try to over-charge for the least little thing. She is a stickler - glad somebody is!
My kids LOVE spending time with my parents! Listening to all of the "back when I was a kid..." stories really connects my kids to the true to life past. I just love us all being together! Some of our best times have been spent with them at the beach in their camper. We truly spend some wonderful, close family time there in the Spring and Summer! I will have to include more pictures later. We love y'all and know you love us!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

We have had such a full weekend and it is only Saturday! Our friend Gracie had a princess tea party for her fifth birthday and my Uncle Joe celebrated his 80th with a surprise fish fry. Kamden quite enjoyed dressing up as Snow White and getting all glittered up. Anna Grace was precious - but don't dare try to put a princess dress on the child! Ashton did everyone's hair and Angel did makeup. Thanks for the extra glitter on her scalp (she loves it-hee hee!). I believe we will be reminded of this party for at least a month! How on earth do you get that stuff out anyway? We want Kamden's fifth to be a lot like Miss Gracie's. It was so much fun for all the girls. I am sure that Kamden will make lots of new friends at "BIG" school next year - giving her more little princesses to invite to a party.
Uncle Joe was completely surprised at his party. Cole and Kamden went swimming and the fish was yummy! Cousin Joey did a great job catching and cooking our dinner. Craig and Max had to work an auction tonight, but I brought them plenty of fish home! Happy Birthday to Uncle Joe and Gracie! What a fun day!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vacation Bible School will be over today and our lives will hopefully get back to summer-time normal. We have enjoyed spending time with all of the little ones, but it is exhausting! I really appreciate my helpers, Max and Ashton so much. Angel, you have been a big help too. We will not know what to do with ourselves after tonight. Let's go to Dollywood!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Welcome to my brand spankin' new blog designed by Ashton - who is rather talented and amazing!
This will be a scrapbook/journal of my life as a mom to three fabulous kids. Max is 13 (so hard to believe!), Cole is 10 (double digit man) and our not so dainty princess, Kamden, who is 4. I am married to my high school love, Craig. Can't believe it has almost been 17 years since we said our "I do's." Time flies when you have a life full of joyful moments.
We are so very blessed!