Friday, September 26, 2008

Finally, I am posting about my little ol' life! Last weekend was another baseball weekend and the "Southern Steal" won another championship! Two in a row! How awesome is that? The guys won all of their games, but Cole got "slammed" in the back by the baseball, while at bat by the other teams pitcher, TWO TIMES - in the same game & same spot on his poor back - no LESS! He has had a sore back this past week! His team has really come a long way and we are quite proud.

I have been hard at work tagging items for yet another consignment sale! This is my third this season. Tots to Teens is the name of this one and it is in Greenville. It is a much smaller sale, but that could and seems to be working in my favor. Angel is once again selling t-shirts and squeaky shoes and she said she has seen a bunch of my stuff going through the registers today. Yeah me! Tagging the items was very different from the others because it was done on the computer with bar codes and everything. Pretty high tech! This way I can see exactly what has sold and was hasn't. Cool! Once I got over my "oooh this is going to be hard.... I can't.....this will take too much time....." goofy mind reasoning and just sat down and figured out the entering process it was SOoooo much easier! I love that I can account for everything. Never had that kind of sure feeling about my sales before.

Yeah! My oven is finally fixed! We had to get a new (speedy) company to get the job done! I guess Jackie at the other fix it place will be stuck with my part if she ever finds it! Craig was so excited he made two pumpkin pies and our family's favorite chicken casserole last night while I was shopping at the early-bird "Queen Bee" sale at the consignment sale. Euphoria again.....sigh! CRAZY PEOPLE GO TO THOSE SALES AND I AM GLAD I AM NOT ALONE! I have a smart hubby who can really cook! The kid's have been eating pie all day. Hope he has a slice left when he comes home from work!

HAPPY NEWS! We have a new neighbor born on Sept. 12. Her name is Carter Lee and we all think she is beautiful. She has two older brothers, Bailey (10) and Ashton (5), so my boys have been warning them about the future. Things like, "Enjoy her now while she is sweet and little, because when she gets older she will drive you crazy!" You know, lovely sweet sentiments like that. We look forward to watching her grow up! It's fun to have some young neighbors!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Southern Steal Wins Championship!

What a great weekend of baseball we had! After spending hours in a southern furnace the "Steal" finally won a championship! Cole's team did an outstanding job and we couldn't be more proud! Mee Mee and Pappy were able to be there for the excitement! Cole loves hearing them cheer him on! He made some awesome plays and even hit in the winning run! Way to go Cole! Bryson, Cole's cousin and our nephew, is pictured a couple of times in the collage and we just wanted to say that he did a great job too! The guys were so impressed with their trophies and as you can see, Kamden wanted to know where her trophy was! She thought she should be getting one for being subjected to the elements (whew it was HOT) and long periods of 4 year old (loud) restlessness. I just had to make her picture with the trophy and she was ok then! She was very proud of her brother!
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Anna Grace - turns the big TWO today!
This was a crazy and fun day all wrapped into one! Here I sit at 2:00 am like a wack-job looking at other's blogs and now posting on mine! Do I not think I should have a little sleep? Well I think I am still feeling the euphoria from shopping early at the Weecycled Consignment sale with my "bestest" friend in the world, Angel! We were there from 4:00 pm until 1:25 in the MORNING! Can you say "MARATHON SHOPPING"? Angel was actually there selling her ever popular Carolina Girl T-shirts (and shopping too)! Nanna, Ashton, Kelly, Angel and I had so much fun showing off our "finds" and asking "Do you like this?"! By the time the night was nearly over, my sweet parents came by to give me some much needed bicycle advice (found Kamden a great one) and helped me load my BUNCH of stuff in my van. They are night owls - well sort of - at least my mom is, and she just props toothpicks up in daddy's eyes and drags him along. The alarm clock will go off here at 6:30 am and that will be here before I know it! Must run, but can't log off until I wish Anna Grace a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is two today (it is now tomorrow Sept. 11)! She is so precious and we all love her!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My sweet parents!
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Fruitful Friday!

My Daddy and I had a very productive day yesterday! He came over with a yummy Chick-Fil-A biscuit and a truck full of hangers first thing in the morning! I am doing a consignment sale next week and have to have a ton of clothes priced and ready to go by Sunday, September 7th at 7:00. Everything has to be on hangers and goodness knows you can go through a bunch in no time at all. Anyway, my thanks to Pappy for stopping at a local thrift store and sweet-talking a little lady into giving him some hangers. We also organized our messy garage (a little) and hung a few things up on nails. It is amazing how much more room you have when you go vertical! We tried our best to repair the leaky garage doors, but came to the conclusion that the cement was poured wrong. The doors are super big and catch the blowing rain, which just runs down and puddles under the doors. Makes quite a big mess when we get a bit of a storm! Well we tried! Daddy boinked himself on the head with the hammer by leaving it on top of the ladder and then moving the ladder. Bet he won't do that again! Glad he didn't really get hurt, just a little crack on the noggin.
Then we moved onto making some new chicken nests for my "girls" from a recycled football bench that we found next to the dumpster at the high school football stadium. J. G. who made it and signed his initials to the bottom - made it back in 1971. WOW - vintage! Daddy revamped it into great chicken nests for the barn and the boys helped when they got out of school. Daddy was amazed at how strong Max was carrying the newly fashioned nests out to the barn. He said he was as strong as a man! Way to go Maxie!
My mother came here after her hair appointment, so Kamden quite enjoyed having her MeeMee over for some extra loving. I had made a photo album for her for "grandparents" day which is on Sunday, but decided to go ahead and give it to her. She brought every one's attention to an amazing rainbow that went completely across the sky. What a good sign! It was beautiful, but I couldn't see it completely from the top of the chicken coop!
Daddy and I had also found some old metal signs at the football field -roofing material idea! They had put up all new sponsors signs and the old trashed ones made a lovely roof for my chicken coop. As you can tell we are big into recycling around here! I ended up on top of the chicken coop hammering nails in. Never pictured myself doing that, but I can now say that I did it! I was afraid the roof would cave in if daddy or Craig got up there, so I acted like Spider-Woman and tried to distribute my weight on the support beams - if you could call them that! Quite a sight! A few chickens roost on the roof of the coop and tried to scare me to death flying up there and "ice skating" across. They were used to the old rippled roof that gave them a little traction. Funny sight - you will have to take my word for it!
We got so much done in a day. Daddy was a BIG help and I just wanted to thank him. My parents sit down together and read my blog every now and then and I just want you both to know how much I love and appreciate you. We got so much accomplished in a day! I love it when you guys come over and so do the kids! Hope you enjoyed the waffle supper - you deserved steak! Thanks from the barnyard chickens too! They are ready to lay a bunch of eggs in the new nests and will appreciate the "new" roof when the rain comes!